Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ode to the Yarn Harlot*

*Complete doggerel produced by theta brain waves upon waking this morning.

On yesterday's date
The Harlot came to our wonderful state (Indy's in the middle)
But at Bazbeaux we stopped and ate (yum)
So my line ticket did not rate
And today there's too much on my plate
So I couldn't stay too late
I didn't meet her -- that I hate
But Steph was absolutely great
The true tale of Calgary she did relate
Her visit was worth the wait!

We totally freaked out the muggles. Scott, the bookstore guy, took photos to prove to his friends that his job was scarier than theirs. Stephanie spoke for about an hour and a half on muggles, knitting, brain research, and life. And that sentence in no way conveys the hilarious and complete and utter fun of the evening.

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